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Here's the latest news about Joe King Carrasco; gigs, CDs, events and other happenings.

JKC Goes Live with New Website!
Thursday, 12 February 2009 00:00

We first decided it was time to get the merchandise line available on the internet in 1992. The JKC product line was pretty large and included hammocks, temporary tattoos, lots of stickers and autographed photos and posters, a deal with Dickies to display a JKC patch on their pants and shorts, and much more. Joe and I dealt with several web site developers before deciding to give it a go on our own.

We didn't know anything about web site design and little about the web itself but what we did have was a good understanding of our needs. Between performing road manager duties and running sound for JKC I started piddling and before long we had a basic design. With a little stealing of code from other sites and a brand new JKC Productions flat bed scanner we had a basic web site and that's all we needed to contact Joe's fans. We went live in the spring of '93. Christmas sales that first year were great so we new our hopes of reaching fans through the world wide web had come true.

The new site is full of info written by and about Joe and has easier navigation to get to the latest happenings. I hope you'll spend some time and read the descriptions of music, movie, and video releases and be sure to check out Tex-Mex International, all written by Joe. Actually the vast majority of content on this new site is written by Joe and I'll try to notate anywhere it's not. One obvious exception to this rule will be on the "News" page.

Below is the final screenshot of JKC web site version 1.0 that was on the web for 15 years, I hope you enjoy the new site and will be looking forward to 2024 for our next design update.

Bruce Warren