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Tex-Mex King Discovered in Head of Clutter

Mexico Mike Nelson a friend of mine and probably the best authority on traveling around Mexico, just wrote a book called “Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life.”  I was featured in one chapter for being a pack rat to the extreme of extremes.  This is so true.  I just can’t throw anything away.

I have a storage unit that you could drive a bus into that I haven’t even looked at since 1994.  It is so full.  I have clothes in it that I wore when I was 14.  Also every stage outfit, I have ever worn.  Every magazine clipping, posters, tapes and you name it.  I have it.  For awhile, I had a serious cactus collecting addiction.  I still kinda do.  Members of my band have been known to wake up with a giant cactus in bed with them.  Two years ago I brought 27 iceboxes to my house to figure out how to recycle them.  I have now stacked them like giant bricks and stuccoed over them.  When a glass breaks I save the glass, thinking I’ll  somehow use it later.  I pickup the stuff that nobody else wants.  I have stopped buying newspapers.  I just read them on the internet.  Did I say, I’ve saved every paper I’ve bought since 1982.  I guess I’ve been on the road too long.  However, I am not giving up my broken down 1965 Greyhound tour bus.  NO WAY JOSE!!